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SevenM: Your Innovation Partner

We are a pioneering IT Software & Consulting company comprising of a team of young and dynamic minds, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation. Established when we were just teens, our company has grown to become a powerhouse of creativity and cutting-edge solutions in the software industry.

Fifteen years ago, a spark of innovation ignited in the mind of a teenager who believed in the power of software to reshape the world. What started as a modest garage project has blossomed into a leading force in the industry. We have embraced challenges, defied norms, and celebrated countless milestones on our journey from a startup to a renowned software solutions provider.

Key Facts About Us

Our Foundation Year
25000 +
Esteemed Clients
6000 +
Solutions Delivered
15 +
Service Verticals
  1. Jan, 2008
    Founded as VinSoft Technologies

    Our journey began with a vision, a vision that saw beyond the ordinary. Way back in 2007, as a college student, our founder, Mr. Vinay came up with a digital college students’ magazine with the objective of minimising print costs and increasing reach. The college project’s success ignited the fire to do something big, and Vinay launched VinSoft Technologies as a proprietary firm in 2008.

  2. May, 2013
    Restructured as SevenM Technologies Private Limited

    Since our inception in 2008, we dealt closely with education-based clientele, and assisted them with mainly web-based projects. In 2013, as the business volume grew, we restructured to a Private Limited company - SevenM Technologies Private Limited.

  3. Apr, 2014
    Launched Admitek: SaaS EdTech Brand

    Launched our flagship SaaS EdTech Brand - Admitek. Admitek, as on date, caters to over 250 Colleges & Universities in over 14 eastern states in India, with solutions including Online Admission Systems, ERPs, Student Information Management Systems etc. Admitek was well ahead of its time and the first-mover advantage gave the brand a strong start.

  4. Nov, 2015
    SevenM enters Smart Class vertical

    After successfully providing solutions to the Education sector under our flagship brand - Admitek, SevenM diversified into Smart/Virtual Class Infrastructure services where our smart class software - Admitek Genius become a well known product amongst the education fraternity. We started executing turnkey smart class projects for Colleges, which included everything from hardware, software, training & maintenance.

  5. Jul, 2017
    Web Casting Services for Election Commission of India

    In 2017, we were successfully selected to provide Web Casting Services to the Election Commission of India in the state of Jharkhand. This project was thrilling, yet critical, as this was a completely new arena for us. We are proud to have completed the project within the time & up to our client's expectations. 

    A new brand, mCast, was born!

  6. Feb, 2020
    Selected in Top 20 Startups from East India

    By 2020, SevenM Technologies achieved several significant milestones, garnered industry recognition, and received prestigious awards. SevenM was in the 20 startups from the East India featuring in the ET Now Leaders of Tomorrow (Season 4) event, held in JW Marriot in Feb 2020.

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  7. Apr, 2023
    National-level eCounselling & Admission for NILD

    In April 2023, we framed & executed successfully - national-level eCounselling for National Institute of Locomotor Disabilities wherein candidates from all over the country used our system to get admitted to the 4 Institutes, located in New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai & Bhubaneswar.

    The service included everything from student registration, generation of Admit Cards, Entrance Test Handling, eCounselling & Admission. This project was a result of our years-long experience in handling online admissions in the state of West Bengal, Assam & Jharkhand.

  8. Jan, 2024
    Launch of scanr :: India's 1st Dedicated RFID/QR Attendance System for Businesses & Institutes

    Our focus for the year is our newly launched product scanr - India's first RFID/QR Attendance System for educational institutions. scanr represents a leap forward in the modernization of attendance tracking, simplifying administrative tasks and improving overall security on campuses. We believe this technology will not only benefit institutions but also provide students and parents with a more transparent and accessible attendance monitoring system.

Our Values

At SevenM, these principles highlight our fundamental beliefs as a team and as a business ethos. These core values not only shape our collective identity but also resonate with individuals who share our commitment to fostering a robust, positive work culture and delivering solutions that exceed expectations.
Creating Fans, Not Clients.
We are always honest, no matter what. This not only makes our clients go ga-ga over us, but, over the period, they become fans & we just love them. They are the reasons why we exist & flourish.
Constructive Communication
We keep the communication going. This ensures that everyone is on the same page & updated with the latest developments about our work. We follow this inside the organization as well.
Meet. Educate. Promote.
Our work involves close client interactions & it is imperative to understand their requirements. We convey the best options available so that they can take informed decisions.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet ambitious - to redefine software in such a way that enriches lives, enhances businesses, and accelerates progress. We believe in the transformative potential of technology, and we're committed to harnessing it to build solutions that matter. From cutting-edge applications to transformative digital experiences, our creations have the power to transform the future.

Our Customers Say

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SevenM Technologies Private Limited is rendering it's excellent technological services to Women's College, Silchar, Assam for last few years. We are highly satisfied with their services and support. The best part of their services is quick response and instant solutions to any issue that arises in day to day functioning of the customised softwares.
Dr. Manoj Kumar Paul
Principal, Women's College, Silchar, Assam
SevenM Technologies Pvt. Ltd.is a business of new generation. It provides us very specialized software for each area of educational sector. The company always charges fair prices for whole purposes or any part of educational institutional. Their professional outlook in every steps of College management serves the college more than its expectations.
Dr. Pratap Banerjee
Principal, BBKM, Hooghly, West Bengal
Working with SevenM Technologies is an excellent experience for Matiaburj College. Since last 2 academic years they are working for our college for online admission, website designing and maintenance very efficiently. Their helping nature and quick way of solving problems should be appreciated. We shall be happy to continue our association with them in future. Wish them all success ahead.
Dr. Krishnakali Basu Neogi
Principal, MBC, Kolkata, West Bengal
SevenM Technologies is a leading IT firm catering to the needs of Higher Education in India. We are much satisfied with our prolonged association with them. They have rendered excellent and meticulous services in all areas of Higher Education from Admission to ICT Automation. Their Punctuality, Price Tag and Quality Service is praiseworthy.
Sital Chandra De
GB Secretary, YSPM, Medinipur, West Bengal
Great work experience with SevenM Technologies. Their professional and prompt service is exceptional. Hope we can associate with SevenM Technologies for future projects also.
Nivedita Mukherjee
Brand Officer, ADO Additives Mfg. Pvt. Ltd.
Have been working with Mr. Modi and SevenM for the past 7 years. Their customer service and reciprocation are top notch. Wishing many success ahead. Cheers!
Arindam Chatterjee
Director, Winprad, Kolkata

Why SevenM?

From strategic consulting to custom enterprise software, system modernization, cloud migration, and DevOps, our talented teams deliver smashing solutions, putting your business priorities at the center of everything.

We stay at the forefront of innovative and emerging technologies, delivering expertly crafted disruption in domains like AI/ML, eCommerce & Utility, Extended Reality, and Cloud.

We are ardent advocates of continuous improvement and utilize scalable tools to consistently meet the highest quality standards in software engineering. This commitment is complemented by our unwavering emphasis on information security and regulatory compliance.

Immersed in agile principles, we embody a commitment to speed, ensuring the seamless delivery of value to your company amid any challenge. Our agile approach allows us to effortlessly adapt to your evolving business needs and dynamic user requirements throughout the process.

In our R&D labs, we delve into innovative technological concepts customized to address your business challenges. Through meticulous research and incubation, we create prototypes grounded in meaningful insights. This ensures the delivery of a winning product, propelling you ahead of the competition.

Our systems and digital platforms are like a magic wand, capable of transforming your business. Whatever be your intent, you can find solutions to make your business grow only at SevenM.