Election Webcasting Services

Election Webcasting refers to the live streaming or broadcasting of activities and events that take place at polling booths during elections. This technology allows election officials to observe and monitor the election process in real-time through online streaming. The primary objectives of polling booth webcasting are transparency, accountability, and enhancing the overall integrity of the electoral process.

Started in 2017, we successfully provided Web Casting Services to the Election Commission of India in the state of Jharkhand under our new brand, mCast! We have continuously grown since then in this sector & now cover a better part of the country.

mCast: Election & Event Webcasting

Webcasting provides a transparent view of the activities at polling booths, allowing stakeholders to witness the voting process, ballot counting, and other election-related procedures. With webcasting, individuals can remotely monitor multiple polling booths simultaneously, enabling efficient oversight without the need to physically be present at each location. Live streaming acts as a deterrent to any potential irregularities or malpractices during the voting and counting process, as everything is being observed in real-time. Polling booth webcasting enhances public confidence in the electoral system by showcasing the fairness and accuracy of the election procedures. It contributes to building trust among voters. Election observers, both domestic and international, use webcasting to monitor the electoral process and ensure compliance with election regulations and standards. In case of disputes or allegations of electoral malpractices, webcasting footage can serve as valuable evidence to investigate and address concerns raised by various stakeholders. Polling booth webcasting can also be used as an educational tool to familiarize the public with the election process, fostering a better understanding of how votes are cast and counted.