SMS, Email & Payment Gateways

SevenM provides dependable gateway solutions for SMS, Email, and Online Payments, catering to both businesses and individuals. Employing our unique methodology, advanced automation capabilities, and state-of-the-art digital platforms and frameworks, we deliver technology enablement, intent-driven IT, tool-based service delivery, and operational excellence to fulfill the diverse IT infrastructure needs of our clients.

SMS Gateways

SMS gateways enable sending and receiving of SMS messages between telecom networks. It serves as an intermediary between various software applications or platforms and the mobile networks, facilitating the transmission of text messages. SMS gateways let businesses, organizations, and individuals to send SMS messages programmatically or through applications.

Email Gateways

Email Gateways are a technology solution that serves as a specialized filter for managing and securing email traffic. It acts as an intermediary between an organization's internal email infrastructure and the external email network, providing a range of features to enhance email security, manage content, and ensure the smooth flow of communication.

Payment Gateways

A Payment Gateway seamlessly orchestrates secure online transactions. Positioned as an intermediary between the merchant's digital platform and the labyrinth of financial institutions handling payments, the Payment Gateway is the linchpin that propels the electronic exchange of funds for goods and services across the vast landscape of the internet.