Online Test Management System for Educational Institutes & Enterprises

OTMS is a digital tool designed to facilitate the creation, administration, and analysis of tests or assessments in an online environment. OTMS streamlines the entire testing process, making it easier for educators, trainers, or organizations to conduct exams, quizzes, and evaluations electronically. Key features of OTMS include:

Test Creation: Users can create various types of tests, including multiple-choice questions, true/false questions, essay questions, and more. The software provides tools for adding multimedia elements, randomizing questions, and setting time limits.

Test Administration: OTMS allows for the secure and organized delivery of tests to participants. This can be done remotely, and participants can access the test using computers, tablets, or other internet-enabled devices.

Security Measures: To ensure the integrity of the testing process, OTMS includes security features such as secure login, randomization of question order, and measures to prevent cheating.

Scoring and Grading: OTMS automates the scoring process, providing instant results for objective-type questions. It also facilitates manual grading for subjective or essay questions.

Reporting and Analysis: Users can generate detailed reports and analytics on test performance. This includes individual and group performance metrics, allowing educators or administrators to gain insights into strengths and weaknesses.

Customization: OTMS allows customization of test settings, question types, and scoring criteria to suit the specific needs of the assessment.

Accessibility: The software is designed to be accessible to a diverse group of participants. This includes considerations for different devices, browsers, and accessibility features for individuals with disabilities.