Refunds & Cancellation Policy

Payment Collection and Refund Policy

At SevenM Technologies Private Limited, we collect payments from individuals, businesses, and entities (each referred to as a 'Client') through our billing portal, accessible at ('Site'). These payments are specifically for invoices issued to clients for products/services already rendered or intended to be provided in the future by SevenM.

When clients make payments, they acknowledge their willingness to pay for the services received or to be received, resulting in the issuance of a GST invoice for the payment transaction.

Our policy at SevenM Technologies Private Limited entails a No Refunds policy under the following circumstances:

  1. Services have already been provided to the client.
  2. Advance payments have been made for future products/services.
  3. Clients decide to scrap or cancel products/services.
  4. Clients cause intentional or unintentional delays in products/services.
  5. Clients breach contractual obligations.

This policy ensures clarity and fairness in our transactions with clients, maintaining consistency in our service delivery and financial transactions.