Turnkey Projects

The field of Information Technology is currently experiencing a significant transformation, marked by a shift in paradigms as business ecosystems rapidly advance into the digital era. The heightened pace of digitalization has revolutionized the expectations placed on enterprises, with IT Infrastructure Services now tasked with enhancing business focus, security, and agility.

SevenM offers dependable and effective Cloud Infrastructure Services to businesses & clients. Utilizing our distinctive consultative approach, automation capabilities, and cutting-edge digital platforms and frameworks, we provide technology enablement, intent-driven IT, tool-based service delivery, and operational excellence to address the IT infrastructure requirements of our clients.

Compute Engines

Compute engines allows users to deploy and run virtualized instances of servers with various configurations, such as processing power, memory, and storage. Users can customize these virtual machines based on their specific computational requirements for computation and processing tasks in a cloud computing environment. We provide Google Cloud Platform (GCP) & Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Akamai Cloud based services, respectively.

Managed Cloud

Our Managed Cloud Services assist businesses in optimizing their use of cloud resources, ensuring security, reliability, and performance. We help enterprises to offload the complexities of managing a cloud environment, allowing them to focus on their core business functions. This approach provides access to expertise, reduces operational burdens, and ensures that cloud resources are used optimally, securely, and in alignment with business goals.

Infrastructure Consulting

Infrastructure consulting involves providing expert advice and guidance to organizations regarding their IT infrastructure. SevenM's Infrastructure Consulting service includes the design, implementation, management, and optimization of technology-related components that support the overall operations of your business. We assess existing systems, understand business requirements, and recommend solutions to enhance efficiency, security, and scalability.

Database Infrastructure

A well-designed and maintained database infrastructure is essential for organizations to efficiently manage and leverage their data, supporting various business applications and decision-making processes. Our infrastructure is designed to accommodate growth in data volume and user traffic. Scalability ensures that the database system can handle increased workloads without sacrificing performance. We provide Secure and managed databases in multi-cloud environments ensuring optimum availability and performance.

Cloud Storage Services

Cloud Storage requirements depend on specific user or business needs, like capacity, collaboration features, integration capabilities, and security considerations. Our cloud storage services are convenient and scalable solution for individuals and businesses to store files, documents, media, and other types of data in a virtual environment rather than on local storage devices. We implement security measures like encryption, multi-factor authentication, & access controls to protect stored data from unauthorized access.

Data Migration

Successful cloud data migration requires careful planning, execution, and validation to ensure a seamless transition with minimal disruptions to business operations. Cloud data migration is a critical step for organizations looking to leverage the benefits of our state-of the-art Cloud infrastructure, or adopt a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy. Our approach is to develop a comprehensive migration plan, considering potential challenges and downtime. We have expertise to facilitate a smooth & efficient migration process.